Breakthrough Ministries International


Breakthrough Ministries International is a sister church of Breakthrough Ministries founded in Zimbabwe by Pastor George Moyo. This ministry is based in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe and it has grown over the past 20 years to having branches in several cities and towns in the country.

The overseer Pastor Moyo and his wife Josephine lead the ministry with several Pastors’ help and the church has got an international outlook with plans to expand beyond the Zimbabwean borders in addition to the Church in England.

The Zimbabwean Church also runs an orphanage which we help support.


Maranatha Shelter Trust was founded in 2003 after realizing there were so many deaths due to HIV and AIDS in Sanyati especially Nyimo Growth Point community. We have 175 children on our register with ages from 3 to 18 years and one special case of 21 years.

These children are under the guardianship of grandmothers, uncles or any close relative who volunteers to take care of the remaining children after parents have passed away.

Sanyati is a drought stricken area without water resources.  We are on a campaign to source for whatever help we can get to make the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) gain comfort in the homes they live.

The children are fostered under immediate families and some are actually under child headed families where no parent exists anymore. Maranatha Shelter simply identifies the orphaned and vulnerable children in the    community at any age and supports them to live comfortably.

Please pray for George & Josephine as they continue to preach the Gospel and minister to these needy precious children in Zimbabwe.