Betel of Britain


Betel of Britain is a group of caring, not-for-profit Christian communities in the heart of the UK dedicated to restoring homeless and long-term unemployed people to healthy, independent lifestyles.

They train men and women in a wide range of life and employment skills,   enabling them to rebuild a strong work ethic.  All of the residences are drug and alcohol-free and totally free of charge (see ‘Admission Procedures’ for more details).  They offer the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek their help.

They currently have centers in Birmingham, Derby, Hexham, Manchester, Nottingham, Watford and in Dublin, with room for around 340 men and women.  Entry to the residences is extremely simple and very quick; they can usually take people the next day, following a successful telephone interview.

Thousands of men and women have broken free from addiction through the work of Betel; if you, or someone you know is struggling with addiction there is hope of a new life in these centres.

King’s Baptist Church supports the on-going work of Betel each month financially as part of our Missions giving.  Please continue to pray for the work and especially for those who are looking to break free from all addictions and find new life in Christ.